Who are we?

With over 5 years experience; Cairde Hygienics prides itself on being Zimbabwe's Premier Cleaning and Support service provider. The company has built a reputation ever since based on the highest level of professionalism and the finest quality cleaning services.
We specialise in a range of cleaning services for a broad range of clients of varied sizes within different sectors, each with their own support service and cleaning requirements. You will be hard pushed to find a cleaning and support service which is not provided by Cairde Hygienics, as we see ourselves as a one stop shop for all of your commercial and domestic

At Cairde, we pride ourselves in our ability to bring you comprehensive, efficient, professional and safe cleaning techniques to your premises.

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Our supply chain is in three stages namely the input, process and output.

The Input Stage

Cairde Hygienics, being a consumer goals company we have learnt that improving our sustainable credentials is not just a matter of peering inside our own operations. We also examine the environmental and social footprint of every player in the supply chain.In our bid to manufacture green products, we have a three-quota system in place which gives us an opportunity to determine the best suppliers in provision of sustainable materials, by assessing the performance of the supplier to avoid being cut out of the supply chain for getting substandard ingredients.


Our production team has a responsibility of converting the ingredients into green products and they are very cognizant of the Environmental Health and Safety aspects associated with production. We manufacture broad spectrum sanitizers, cleaning detergents and a wide range of household products in sizes ranging from 750ml, 2litre, 5litre, 20litre and 25litre packaging. Quality Control checks are done at each stage of production to promote product conformity on both local and international recognized standards.


We have a well documented invoicing, dispatching and delivery system which seeks to promote efficient and timeous safe delivery of orders. We have a fleet of delivery cars and courteous drivers. We have a well diagnosed order follow-up culture as well as a customer feedback network that seeks to promote continual improvement in our supply chain.

We are the best!

We manufacture quality and financially savvy cleaning detergents. Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and clean environments is our primary goal at Cairde. We strongly believe that 'if it's not Cairde-clean it's not clean.' Put us to the test, we are up for the challenge!

Our success is based on customizing client requirements to create true commercial value for the client, driving high client loyalty, supporting every service with pre and post sales calls.

To stand out as the best cleaning company, excelling in the field on ideas of thorough and on-time house keeping services.

We exist to enhance return on investment through the deployment of dynamic cleaning services that promote total quality and hygienic environments, promising to be a full partner in helping our clients meet and exceed these expectations